About the Artist

Vicki Shuck

Artist’s Statement

My first exposure to the history of art brought with it paintings by 20th century artists that were filled with people—people at work, people at war, at play, people in love and those in pain.  Basically these paintings celebrated the human condition and I am as enamored by them now as I was so many years ago.  The Ashcan School of artists such as John Sloan, William Glackens, Reginald Marsh and George Luks, to name a few—and fellow American Scene Painters such as Ben Shahn and Jack Levine sparked my desire to paint the scenes I see as I go about my day.  In going to street festivals, dog shows, rodeos, out to dinner or for a cup of coffee, inspiration for paintings is everywhere.

I am interested in capturing moments of life.  I am interested in the fact that most of what goes on throughout the day is filled with someone’s cares and joys.  My concern with the specific—those persons, this lighting, that expression.  Each moment is unique and is comprised of its own textures, colors and sounds.  Isolating these moments through painting and drawing is my joy.